Thursday, March 23, 2017

A leadership thought

Leadership is a lot like character. What the leader does when no one is looking is as- if not more- important than what goes on when he or she is out in front of everyone. I think that’s because what the leader does when no one is looking is preparation for leadership moments. Is she thinking through next steps, anticipating what’s coming up? Is he taking time to offer his plans to the Lord and to seek his will? Is she thinking about values and culture and vision? Is he considering how to empower and love the people he leads?

Or is he figuring out how to pay back a perceived slight from a co-worker? Is she stewing over the foibles and failures of her team? Is he looking for ways to take advantage of his position, to elevate himself at the expense of others? Does she have an attitude of entitlement and spend her time figuring out how to get what she thinks is due to her?

These things have impact on a leader's effectiveness. Followers notice. They perceive what is really behind the curtain, good or bad. And they respond in kind.

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