Friday, July 15, 2011

Gotta have it!....what's it do?

Vicki and I frequently joke that her dad has a simple mantra when he sees something new: "I've got to have that!!...Now, what does it do?" I have to admit I fall into that same category sometimes. I think my latest "gotta have it" is Google+. I want it bad. I signed up to get an invitation to it, and I eagerly check my inbox daily to see if I have been invited into the exclusive Google+ club that, from what I've recently read, has over 10 million members already.

The thing is, I have no clue why I want it. I've only read the briefest descriptions of what you can do on it. I'm rarely on Facebook anymore, so it's not like I'm enamored with social networking. Maybe I'm hoping that Google+ has all the good aspects of Facebook with none of the things I don't like about it, but in my heart I know that's probably not the case. But it doesn't make a difference. I still want it! what's it do??