Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Tale of Two Offices

Both of these offices are mine. The one on the left is my office at home. It really looks worse than the picture implies. The one below is my work office. It just makes me wonder: how can that be? I think I must suffer from some weird workspace split personality.

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Amy said...

It's all about incentives and consequences. Obviously your wife loves you very much or does not care about how messy your desk at home is! Honestly from the picture it doesn't look all that bad! But think about it, if you were getting paid and reviewed on how well you performed at home do you think it would look like it did right now? Like I said, obviously the wife doesn't care about the mess. In my house, well there would be incentives and consequences!! :-) Well not really, I'd just clean the desk myself even if it wasn't my mess! At home you can let your true personality out, the one that doesn't care how your workspace looks. Unlike at work where there are set rules about how your job should be done, and I'm guessing they expect it to look like you can keep things organized. Maybe you should pretend you work from home to motivate yourself, if you really care about the disparity.