Monday, June 8, 2009

Do You Tweet?

OK, so I'm not an early adopter when it comes to technology. And I have some very good friends who abhor Twitter. But after reading the cover article from Time magazine this week, I'm intrigued.

I signed up for Twitter before I read the article, but I haven't done anything with it. Do you use it? If you do, how are you using it and what do you like about it? Have you found any drawbacks? And of course, it you do use it, let me know your user name.


steg stories said...

I just use it from my computer now that I am unemployed. I dont use the phone anymore.I find it interesting to keep up with little excerpts from people and whats going on in their lives.Since I'm a nosy son of a gun, I like it.

Bryan - Live Video Specialist said...

the only reason I opened a twitter account was that I thought I could update my tweets and an application would automatically update my facebook and myspace. but I've had a little difficulty getting it to work. so i haven't really used my twitter much.