Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I've always wondered why they call them that.

Vicki and I both got Blackberry Storms yesterday. Since then, with the exception of the time spent at work today, I think they have been the unwavering focus of our attention. Not because we want them to be, but because they represent endless possibilities. If you can make them work.

Actually, they do work fine, but because they have so much potential it seems to take FOREVER to get them functioning the way you want them to. And because I use a Mac, you have to use some third party software to get it to talk to the computer. At one time today, I had duplicates of almost all my appointments on my Entourage calendar. Then, when I got that fixed, I had lost half of my appointments on the Blackberry and couldn't get them back. Two hours later, I think I've got it straightened out.

Ahhh...feels so good. For about 30 seconds.