Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Catching Up

I haven't been blogging much because I've been getting back into the swing of school. Which means getting back in the swing of reading books other people want me to read instead of reading books I want to read. Even though that's annoying, sometimes it's just good to have to look at things from different perspectives.

We have three books assigned to us for this five-week class. One I really liked. The other two I could do without. The one I liked was John Ortberg's "The Life You've always Wanted." I love Ortberg's honesty and humor. The book is subtitled "Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People" and Ortberg presents pretty accessible ways to begin introducing the spiritual disciplines into your journey. For those who may have struggled with Richard Foster's "Celebration of the Disciplines" it's a great alternative.

The two books I disliked are Andy Andrews' "Mastering the Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success" and a book called "Fish!" by Lundin, Paul and Christensen. I'll start with "Fish!" It's a leadership/teamwork business fable along the lines of "The One Minute Manager." I think I've decided I hate the whole genre of leadership fables. Even if the principles behind the fable are good, the storytelling is so bad that you don't remember the principles, you only remember the bad writing. Andrews book, on the other hand, is just too much rah-rah "you can do it!!" for me. And I'm always wary of people who can boil everything down to, "Follow my steps and your life will be GREAT!!"

But overall, I'm enjoying school. Lots of writing, and that's a good challenge for me.