Monday, January 19, 2009

Perfect timing

Vicki and I have come to Gatlinburg for a few days of rest and relaxation. On our way here it started to snow around Knoxville, and got heavier the closer we got to here. For whatever reason, Tennessee must be the perfect place for snow. It sticks to the trees and hills and rooftops but (at least for now) not on the streets. Brilliant!!

Just outside of town we found ourselves driving through a winter wonderland. We stopped and got checked into our hotel room and then went back out and drove to the Smoky Mountains National Park. I can't tell you how absolutely, stunningly beautiful it was there. It's funny how the same snow that can make a wreck of the streets of Cincinnati can take on a completely different aura given the right setting. Our waitress at dinner told us it hasn't snowed like this in the two years she's lived here.

We came down here hoping to get a break from the cold weather in Cincy. We didn't get rid of the cold, but we got something much better than we were hoping for. God's got such good timing, don't you think?

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bshawise said...

make sure vicki takes lots of photos