Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Some days I hate owning a home.

We came home today to find water on the floor in our basement. That's never a good sign. We traced the water trail back to our water heater. The good news: it's under warranty. The bad news: we have to empty it and take it to Home Depot to get it exchanged. Even though we had it installed through them, we have to bring it in. No options. The worst news: it's now 8:40 and the thing is still draining. Home Depot closes at 9:00.

So I'm going to have to get up early tomorrow, take a COLD shower, and haul it in before I go to work. If you work with me and you read this before then, don't be surprised if I'm less than chipper in the morning.

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Brent said...

Wow, way to go Home Depot! I'm all verklempt with the tales of your quality customer service.

You are not alone:

Geesh. Hope you get the thing fixed quickly.