Monday, September 15, 2008


We just regained electricity at our house after 30 hours. I had no idea how spoiled I am- I almost get depressed going a day without power. And this was really nothing. For one thing, power was still available just a few blocks away if I really needed it. But more importantly, we hadn't lost anything: our house wasn't damaged and our health and safety were never even remotely threatened. It makes me wonder what I would do if we had a serious emergency.

I've never been one to worry much about disasters. I think you can get really weird about that kind of thing. But that's no excuse for not being smart and not preparing for what is likely to happen. I think you can compare it to some of the things Dave Ramsey says about money and the need to be prepared for financial troubles. His point is troubles will come, so they shouldn't be a surprise. The same could be said of emergencies like what happened this weekend. So really I should be better prepared.

Vicki and I were talking about the fact that it's not really all that difficult to do without electricity for a day or two. People do it all the time. It's just a lot easier if you know when you're going to have to do it. So here's what I think we should do: once a month, we should have to go a day without it. Think about how good it would be for our environment. And think about how much money we could save. I think it could work.

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amymck said...

we are still w/out power! we are at a coffeeshop now checking email and news for the first time since Sunday morning. It's definitely not fun