Monday, September 29, 2008


In Ormond Beach, Florida for the week. I’m writing while sitting on our balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. If there are any drawbacks to being here, this in itself makes it all worthwhile. We're here at a timeshare with Vicki's mom Bev and her husband Frank. Frank is standing just maybe twenty feet away on his balcony smoking his pipe. Every now and then I get a whiff of it. Kind of reminds me of being around my dad when I was a kid.

My dad was a sailor in WWII and I sometimes wonder if I inherited some of his love for the sea. If my understanding is right, he came very close to making a decision to make a career out of the Navy. But he was older when America entered the war- in his late 20’s- and in his early 30’s when it ended. So maybe the Navy had no interest in him at that age, or perhaps he loved my mom more than the Navy. I don’t really know. Regardless of the reason, he left the Navy, returned to his native Cincinnati and married my mom and eventually started our family.

Whether or not it comes from my dad, I love being near the ocean. I have a spiritual connection with it that I really can't explain. All I know is when I'm around it, I feel closer to God. I completely understand why water is used metaphorically in the spiritual writings of every culture and every major religious tradition. And more often than not, I come back from it in a pretty good place mentally and spiritually. I'm hoping for the same result this time around!

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