Thursday, June 26, 2008


I'm done. I took my last VLI final exam tonight and I have completed the program. Woohoo!

What's it get me? Uhh...nothing. Only the personal sense of accomplishment of having completed two years' worth of college-level theology and leadership courses, I don't get a thing. But it does help me feel better prepared to do my job. I never really meant to be a pastor, so I didn't go about studying to be one. At least not until now.

One thing it made me realize is that I really do like academia. I always did pretty well in school. I liked the competition of it on strictly a performance level, trying to figure out what it was that would get you a good grade from different teachers, things like that. And I still like those things, but as I've gotten older I realize I like the pure learning and discovery part of it as well. So someday it would be nice to continue on and get a real degree. And maybe teach. But for now I just get to sit back and bask in the glory of getting....uhhh.....nothing!

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